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Architecture is the intermediary between people and the environment. That is why the way of thinking of the architect is an important component of the formation space.

In the variety of architectural concepts of the principles of sustainable development are very important in the formation of space. Sustainable environment is the ability of the environment to withstand the impact of human. Sustainable environment is a set of building qualities and the surrounding area, characterize the comfort of human life in harmony with the environment.

Our mission is propagation of transition to a sustainable way of life and the formation of a global community based on common ethical principles, including respect and care for all of the community of life, the principles of ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for cultural diversity, environmental justice, democracy and culture world.

Our architectural office Ltd "Studio Kamil Tsuntaev" is working on urban design. We design residential and public buildings of different complexity. We create interiors of residential and public spaces. Our employees participate in various architectural competitions and workshops. Our office creates architectural projects using BIM technology.