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Education Hub in Makhachkala

Authors: Parker Ammann, Kamil Tsuntaev, Luba Krutenko

Tutor: Narine Tutcheva, Petr Popov

Concept note

Our project creates a focal point for education in Makhachkala.Three vernacular bars are joined in the center of the site by a large conference hall combined with group studies and a library. The community aspects of education placed on a pedistal highligh the importance of collaboration in a growing a vibrant city like Makhachkala. The three bars (the children’s center, offices, and residential) are organized very simply, while the central cube takes on more sophistocated and unique qualities. Visitors can take a ramp along a bookcase from the main conference area up to a floating group study room, rotates off the grid of the rest of the cube. Therefore, conference hall, library and coworking are united in one space. There are little boxes with conference rooms and individual cabinets verge to the central volume. That creates hierarchy of spaces and provide opportunity work individually as well as in groups Two kinds of materials are used for the building – dagestanian limestone for three simple blocks and structural glazing for the central part