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Square near Soldier in Stavropol

Open national architectural competition for development
Concepts of public space "Square at the Soldier" in the city of Stavropol

Authors: Studio Kamil Tsuntaev


The area of ​​the square at the Soldier is in the heart of Stavropol, on the Serfdom - the place from where the history of the city began. The square arose on the site of the barracks, it stores evidence of time - from the site of the fortress wall to the secular memorial complex, which includes the main dominant-memorial to Budennovets. Next to it is the "air embankment" -one of the most popular places for recreation of citizens. It overlooks the northern part of the city. In the square there are many monuments: the monument to Suvorov (as the founder of the fortress), the Khoper Tent, the Cross, cannons, and a musical fountain.

-organization of recreational areas at the lower level of the square;
- replacement of the area coverage;
-organization of the site for city events;
-construction of the site in front of the monument to the Soldier;
- the reorganization of parking on the prospectus of the October Revolution;
-Installation of decorative lighting;
- Functional lighting;
-the dismantling of fences;
-setting time scenes;
-Receiving the level of parking and a turn circle for cars on the platform in front of the registry office in the level of the area;
- replacement of paving of a site before the REGISTRY OFFICE.

1.historical square
2. eventual area
3. air quay
4. Mini-area near the pool "youth"
5.the rest area
6.transit zone
7. children's zone

Modernization of the square, increase of gardening, organization of rest areas on the square, and also the connection of the square with the surrounding sign spaces: - Parkway Karl Marx and the Eastern part of the Fortress Mountain - will create a new image of the city, as well as increase the attractiveness of this important Stavropol visitors' place.

A comfortable environment for pedestrians in the area, popular with both locals and tourists, should be a priority. Improving connectivity with the environment, the expansion of sidewalks, the transformation of parking beyond the territory of the pool "Youth" - all these measures will make the use of the area more convenient.

The main task of developing a new strategy of greening the territory is to achieve climatic comfort for visitors in connection with the hot summer period. On the area it is proposed to plant steppe plants with a small number of trees. It is necessary to carry out sanation measures on the territory of the existing gardening. On the "waterfront" should appear trees that give a shadow to visitors, but do not overlap the overview

In the design area there is no uniform lighting strategy. Despite the fact that the area is popular at night and is fairly light, a well-selected light will help zonate a large space. Particular attention should be paid to the zone of the "air embankment", as well as to the illumination of monuments and a fountain. The square is less lit, so there is a need to do functional lighting to attract more visitors.