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The Center hosts authorized courses ARCHICAD, after the successful completion of which you will receive an international certificate GRAPHISOFT, recognized worldwide. Having completed training at the Center, you will be able to increase your value in the labor market and gain additional competitive advantages in the eyes of employers. In the courses ARCHICAD (Archicad) you will master the tools of the newest version of ARCHICAD 22. At the same time, the design process itself will give you more pleasure thanks to the powerful, convenient and intuitive ARCHICAD interface. Being a system that combines 2D and 3D constructions, ARCHICAD differs from other packages in that you do not just draw a building, you build it. At any stage of the work, you will have complete information about the projected object: floor plans, sections, facades, axonometry and perspective.

The study of ARCHICAD 22 consists of two levels: Level 1. Architectural design and Level 2. Advanced architectural design features.
The basic level course is necessary for those who get acquainted with the program for the first time, have no drawing skills and no knowledge of architecture and construction.  After studying at the second level course, you will study the advanced features of the program and will confidently use the ARCHICAD 22 package.

Attention: if you need to study the previous version of ARCHICAD, please indicate this when enrolling in a course. Version differences will be in the laboratory work, which we will select for you individually!

The Center has all the conditions for studying the program: highly qualified teachers with extensive experience working with the program, length of teaching experience and excellent feedback from students, licensed software, comfortable audiences, and a convenient schedule of classes.